Monday, 20 March 2017

Spring School Holidays Video

The kids had their spring school holiday the last week. What a week it was. Last year I had some outing planned everyday and we had so much fun together. This year I decided to do the same, especially since our time here is coming to a close (insert crying emoji face). We spent the week at some of our favorite places in Singapore. Cosette wanted to go to the Art Science Museum and Jurong Bird Park. Henry wanted to go to the River Safari. We did that and a lot more. 

The two things that stood out the most was ArtZoo. It is at the Float down at Marina Bay. It is a bunch of bounce houses that are animal and ecosystem themed. It was amazing! Cosette and Henry had so much fun. We ran from bounce house to bounce house. Their favorite was the sea themed one. It had a giant octopus, crabs, knar whale, and some others I cannot remember. I lost Henry at one point (sadly that is pretty normal), and found him back on that one jumping all over the place. If it was only free. We would have gone back again. 

The second thing that the kids really enjoyed was going to the Marina Barrage for a picnic Sunday night. We missed celebrating pi day on 3/14, so we had a make up pi day Sunday. Friends have been talking about this place and its been on my SG bucket list, so I made it happen. Lyndon had to work, but was able to meet up with us. We had a chocolate marshmallow pie per Cosette's request and coconut cream pie because that's one of my favorites. We had a couple more pies that we left at home because three kids, stroller, toys, etc. Not enough room to transport four pies. We had a casualty with our coconut cream pie. Cosette fell into it when getting up, and then later kicked a soccer ball into it. We still ate it, haha. As my Uncle Leonard would say "it all goes to the same place". 

The barrage lived up to its hype. We have an amazing view of the central business district, and Gardens by the Bay. People were flying kites, hanging out. Reminded me of being back in Central Park at Sheep's Meadow. Cosette told her class about our picnic when they went around and said what they did for their school holiday. 

We just had the best week. I was worried when the kids started school that I would hate school holidays, but to my surprise I love them. There is no schedule we have to adhere to, there are always special events going on here. It is just the best. I have so much fun with these kids. It is not always sunshine and orchids with them, they are kids, but in the end the outing most always is a success. Grateful for the opportunity we have to explore Singapore and get to spend time together. School holidays are my favorite. And hopefully will remain my favorite in all the school years to come. Love you Cosette, Henry, and Rapha.

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