Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Merlion and Me

For whatever reason I have The Wizard and I stuck in my head when I look through these photos, no complaints here because Wicked is, well, Wicked! But When I think of this outing I just want to belt out the Merlion and Me.?.? Not sure why, but that is why this post is called what it is. 

Ellen and I took Cosette and Raphael down to the Marina Bay Sands so Cosette could do some ice skating. Henry I think was banished, and had to go to work with Dad. Sometimes we I need some space. Love him with all my heart, but when you dump nail polish all over my bed frame, floor, and entertainment center after said nail polish was put away for no one to find ever, some space is required. We made up later at Hamley's by having light saber fight while wearing Kylo and Boba Fett masks. 

Anyway, while we were down there, and after Daddy and Henry met up with us, we went on a walk around the bay and ended up at the Merlion Statue. This statue is awesome. I say I love a lot of things on here, but I do love this statue. I am a water person and this statue speaks to my swimmer heart.  

Doing my best to get Cosette to smile. It didn't work.

However, this kid will smile at the drop of a hat. 

Beautiful girl, beautiful city.

Blessed we get to call this place home. Why is it Lyndon always has to drag me from all the places we have lived when it is time to go? I wanted to shred my passport when we were leaving Paris, and with SG I am going to be kicking and screaming. 

The Art Science Museum exterior. The architecture here is perfection.

Oh Cosette, I love you so much. 

There "Christmas Dinos" reminded me of the American Museum of Natural History Christmas dinosaurs out front. These ones were a little bit more fashionable. 

Cosette had been begging me to take her ice skating. I thought perfect, we will go down to the rink at the Marina Bay Sands Mall, which turned out to be the absolute worst ice skating experience of my life. Number one problem is that the rink was not ice. It was plastic!? It was the absolute worst ice skating experience of my life. Poor Cosette was so excited and then we were both clinging onto the all for dear life because it was impossible to skate on the plastic. We both were wiping out. It was hilarious and painful. We lasted for almost an hour. I was out after five minutes because I could hardly stand. It was so bad people. So bad! Everyone who was skating was wiping out. I am laughing so hard writing this because it was so bad. 

Raphael the Rebel came in with his shoes on for a little bit. He's my little boy friend.

The Last Day of 2106

We spent on Sentosa at Palwan Beach. My Color Run race finished here, and it was so beautiful we wanted to take Ellen back there. We almost didn't go because it's monsoon season and rains a lot right now. It looked like it was going to rain, but we stuck to our plans and went. It turned out to be a gorgeous beach day. It was because we stuck to our plans and went. We would be kicking ourselves if we had not gone and missed this opportunity. 

I love this beach. Every time we go to the beach that day has just been wonderful. Not sure what makes it so great, but I'm not complaining. If all I have to do is go play in the water and sand to have a good day I will do it. 

Everyone's face in this pic!

My spirit animal is a dolphin, and I swear that I must have some mermaid in me. Because I swam so much when I was younger my Mom would jokingly say when I was being sluggish that I just need to add some water. I was getting to dried out. And still there is so something rejuvenating and healing for me being in water. I love the stuff.

These two are such good friends. They are always playing together, sometimes it is not so nice, but they move on and then it becomes nice again. Raphael is starting to engage more with them and their playing is becoming very interesting. I just hope/pray that they will always love each other and stay close. 
We swam out almost all the way to the shark net. Having the net there gave makes me so much less nervous about swimming far out into the ocean. It was really fun swimming out far. There is still wild life out there even with the net up. I found a Star fish when we were in shallower water. It was so cool. I was feeling around for shells and pulled out a star fish!

She has the prettiest smile.

They found this perfect picture spot.

And then they ran over to me and told me they had found another even better picture spot. This is where it was. Those dare devils. But what am I saying? If I wasn't taking the picture I would be out there with them. Possibly standing. 

And they were totally right. Best picture spot. I really love our SG life. 

Raphael is a Plothow through and through. He was dying to join Daddy and Cosette out on the tree. Me and Aunt Ellen, not so much. Too soon Rapha!

Henry made friends with little boy while we were on the island. They played hunting fishes together, collecting rocks, water trucks. Cosette ended up joining them and they played hide and go seek. Cosette is brilliant at making friends wherever she goes. I never have to worry about her. It was a super happy momma moment to see that Henry is picking up on this talent as well, and made his own friend. I love these kids. They may drive me a little nutty, but they are incredible.

We made it to the southernmost point of continental Asia. That is a pretty good place to end the year. Not much further you can go, am I right? We just happened on this place. The sign was just off the bridge we crossed. Pretty amazing hidden gem, or maybe not so hidden if we did more research. 

We ended 2016 that night with us adults playing games and trying to watch fireworks at Marina Bay. Fun way to end the year, but hard way to start 2017. I am an old person and need my sleep, or a baby and I just need to sleep all the time. Not sure if I will make it to midnight next December 31.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Ellen in Singapore: Little India

Continuing the Ellen's Singapore explorations Saga. This time Little India! It is one of my favorite places in Singapore. There is only one Little India outside India, and it is here. 

We stopped at the beautiful Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. It is gorgeous, insanely ornate, and I absolutely love this place. You are allowed to go inside at certain times during the day when it is open. You have to take your shoes off and leave them outside. It is so interesting seeing how other people worship. I have so much respect for these people. And I feel very honored that we are allowed into their temples, or as I view it inner sanctums, and get a small glimpse of their religious practices. It is very different from our Protestant influenced practices.  

She has never had legitimate Indian food, so that being one of our favorite cuisines I had to introduce her to it. And there is no better place. Indian bread, all of it, is the best bread in the world. Azmi has the best fresh off the hot plate chapati bread. We ate with our hands, using the bread to scoop up the food, and our stomachs were in food paradise. I really love Indian food. 

Little India has a lot of hidden gems. We found this beautiful art display just off Serangoon Rd. as we walked to Mustafas. Had to stop by and check out the umbrellas. 

Tekka Center! I bought this exact sari for Ellen for Christmas. She found it there and had to get a pic with it.

In fabric heaven at Mustafas. I could stay here for hours and hours. Lyndon has his Legos and I have my fabric. It's an addiction. I have so many projects I am working on, and then I come here and I get so many ideas and see so much beautiful fabric. I seriously have to stop myself, or join a support group. 
Thanks Ellen for indulging me in good food, fabric browsing, and showing you some pretty awesome culture. 
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