Sunday, 21 August 2016

Ready to Run

I am crazy and decided and I want to do a marathon in the spring, which means I have a lot of training ahead of me. If I do not do a marathon, I at least want to run a half marathon. I have my sights set on doing the Great Wall Marathon, but we will see. Trying to balance our life and add in things like running that take a lot of time and energy might not be do able. I am just saying that in case I fail and do not even make it to a half marathon, but failure is part of life and trying is important. 

I have been trying to run a few times a week. I am not doing well.... If I do go run I usually have to do it with the kids. So the boys are in the stroller and Cosette is on her scooter and we make our way to the splash pad or play ground. which is about 1.5-2 miles from our place depending on what route I take. So I get in 3-4 maybe more miles in when I run with the kids. I always run Wednesday night while Cosette is at piano. I have an hour to run, so I give Henry the kindle and he gets to watch Paw Patrol. Raphael has a toy and snacks and off we go. I am the crazy Western woman who almost runs everyone over with her giant stroller when I go run. People give me a lot of looks. 

In preparation for this crazy goal I have am going to try and do one race every month. I kicked it off by doing the Color Run in Singapore. It looked fun and no pressure which I thought was a good way to start my running journey. It was on Sentosa, which is a small island just off Singapore (it's part of Singapore). That is where all the good beaches are, Universal Studios, and Resort World. It is the place to go is you want to have some fun. Lyndon and the kids came along to cheer me on. They ended up going to the beach that was right next to the course. It was so hot. The race did not start till 4pm which is the hottest part of the day. That was the only down side. I was already soaked with sweat before I even started running. I went out too hard, but that is me. I kept telling myself it is okay, I am learning how I need to pace myself for future races. I killed the few hills that were on the course. I learned in my high school cross country days that hills are our friend and when I am done I need to pretend to pat it on the head and say "that's a good dog". That is an exact quote from my CC Coach, haha. It has stuck in my head all these years. I am happy to say that I did not die. I kept thinking of all the Olympians and how they had to push themselves to get to the Olympics and I can push myself too. I counted only two women in front of me, which means I was the third woman over all in my race to finish. I finished really strong which I was proud of myself for doing. I was neck and neck with this guy at the very end, but I pull ahead and beat him! Times were not taken, which bummed me out because I wanted to see how I did compared to all the runners overall. There were several races. Two on Saturday and on Sunday. And it is nothing to brag about saying that I was the third woman to finish in my race when most people were walking, but I will take it. I did not get as colorful as I thought I would. I am fine with that. I am just happy that none of the chalk got in my mouth as I was running. 

Artistic selfie.
 I met Lyndon and the kids at the beach afterwards where we hung out for a while. I saw two Hornbills fly over my head while we were there. That is a highlight of my life, to see those birds in the wild. I love Singapore! The beach was gorgeous! I felt like we were back in Bintan because it looked like paradise. There was a shark net up so I did not feel so nervous. I wished I had brought my swim suit and Lyndon's, but we brought the kids and is the most important. The kids were in heaven. Henry was lying in the water being so funny. Raphael loves playing in the sand just like his brother and loves to eat it too (no!!!!). There was a playground and a splash pad next to the beach, so it was kid heaven. I want to go back so bad!


These next photos of Raphael are the cutest! I could not only post one. He is our little dumpling.

Baby yoga.

Those are the details of my first of many races (hopefully). I am hoping to do a 10k next, but I should probably not get to ahead of myself. I have not signed up for a race in September yet, but I am going to start looking. I have a lot of friends who are really inspiring when it comes to running as well as my mother. Hoping to stay motivated and reach this goal. 

Saturday, 20 August 2016


 Here are photos our friend took of Raphael at nine months. I did not think he could get any cuter than he was at nine months, but now at almost 13 months I am dying even more from his cuteness. I also had our friend take some photos of me and Lyndon because we do not have very many good photos of just the two of us. I need to stop getting photos done right after I have a baby. I look at them and my face is always super full. I need to give myself time to get rid of some of the baby weight (in my face?).

She did a great job and I miss her because she moved back to the States this summer, like so many of our friends here. We are used to the people coming and going. It just stinks when it is people we like a lot. 

I should have just had Cosette and Henry get dressed up and join in the photos. I was not intending it to be a Mommy, Daddy, and Raphael photo shoot, but that's what it ended up being. I am already making arrangements for our family photos for this year. And now I have to think about what we are going to wear......socks and nothing else. Just kidding, that would be a shocking Christmas card to receive. It's late and it's been a long day. Hope you like the photos. 

Thursday, 18 August 2016

We Look Just Like Buddy Holly

 The latest things that we I have been up to is marking another item off my life's bucket list. I went to see Weezer in concert here in Singapore! It was incredible! As some people in Singapore would say, I was more than Joseph Schooling excited to see them. And it was totally fate that I went. 

Back in the spring I was listening to one of their songs and I thought to myself "wouldn't it be awesome to see them in concert". The next day I found out that they were coming to SG. It popped up on something and I think I screamed and immediately called Lyndon and told him that I wanted tickets for my birthday. And he loves me, so it was my birthday present (28 has been the best birthday ever). 

 And I have to share photos and document that I. Saw. Weezer! Sorry, it was just great. It's been a 14 year love affair with them ever since freshman year at cross country camp where I was introduced to the Blue album (Blue album forever). My Name is JonasBuddy HollyUndone, are some of my top all time favorite songs, and it was so epic to hear them live.

Lyndon is not a fan of them at all. It's sad, but our tastes in music are very different and pretty opposite. I appreciate his taste, and he is starting to learn to appreciate mine. I have very persuasive powers over him, haha. But not really when it comes to music. He is has very staunch and immovable beliefs on music, but we have agreed to disagree, at least I have. So I went by myself and it was totally cool. I did not want to subject him to possibly hours of him being miserable. He was happy for me to go and poor guy had to work, work, work, so even if he wanted to he could not have gone. I appreciate that we can let each other go and enjoy what we like and it does not bother the other person. We are happy to make each other happy. 

I had several friends who also got tickets and was able to meet up with some of them. We stood in the standing pit screaming our lungs out to some of our all time fav tunes. We were really close to the stage and could see the band up close. It was amazing! Like I said Joseph Schooling excited. Hearing the Sweater Song live completed me, haha. I love them even more because they said that they really like the Singapore Zoo. And I'm thinking I go there just about every week, we really live at those wild life parks here. Props to Weezer for having good taste. Oh, and their intro to Island in the Sun, they said "we like to think of Singapore as an island in the sun". It was so perfect, and that song plays in my head a lot since moving here. That and the quote "this is my island in the sun" (Muppet Christmas Carol, such a classic). Now that I have seen them live I appreciate them so much more. They are really incredible musicians. They did several compilations of their songs and the guitar work and how they merged them together was just so good. I think a lot of musicians these days are not true artist, but after seeing them live I can report that Weezer is 100% true artists (but that was already a fact). They played their newest hit King of the World and in the middle they blended in their song Only in Dreams, and it was so incredibly well done. It was beautiful, tear shedding beautiful. The best part was that there was no opener and the concert ended with enough time for me to get home and go to bed on time. I am old. No, Henry just manages to wake up bright and early no matter what time he goes to sleep. 

It's incredible to see someone (in this case a band) that you have really admired for a long time in person. I highly recommend it, if you ever get the chance to see someone speak, sing, perform that you like do it. I have been really lucky and got to have several experiences where I have seen several people I like speak or perform and it is a life enriching experience. And yes, a One Direction or Taylor Swift concert would go into this category (it will happen one day people).  

Moral of this post go find out when your favorite band/performer/person is going to be doing an event and make plans to go. Thank you to my sweet Lyndon for making another one my dreams a reality. I am so grateful! A billion exclamation points grateful! I should start calling him the dream maker or something like that, because he did it once again. Love you babe. xoxo.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Happy Birthday Singapore!

Singapore celebrated 51 years of independence last Tuesday, August 9. The day before the kids had a party at school. They were encouraged to wear red and white for the occasion. They went with me over the weekend and picked out an outfit to wear for National Day. Cosette was insistent on getting a dress, and we found a really nice one. 

They call it National Day here. There was a huge fire works show that night down at Marina Bay, but after the terrorist threat that was made over the weekend I had no desire to be down in that area at all. 

We did not do anything because I had a small procedure done the day before I was recovering from and Lyndon had to go into work even though he had the day off. I was sad we did not do any celebrating. We just hung out at the condo, watched the Olympics, went swimming, watched Wild Kratts. It was a good day for the kids. 

Even though we did not do anything I wanted to document this especially important day for our home country right now. We really love living here. I was out the other day and I thought "I love it here!".  The kids are talking less about New York, that means it only comes up once a week instead of once a day. We are so happy to be here. Majulah Singapore!

The kids at the playground after school with their friends. 

Monday, 8 August 2016

Family Date Night

A couple of weeks ago we met Daddy down at Gardens by the Bay for a family date night. The Garden Festival was going on and I thought it would be something that we could all enjoy and Lyndon could met us for a little bit since it is close to his office. My plan worked and we had a pretty good time. I think the kids favorite part was Daddy teaching them how to do somersaults. 

We do a lot of family outings, but we never call them family dates. I think we are going to work on having more outings that are specifically family date nights. I think calling it a date makes it more important than we are just going out. It gives it feeling of something exciting, and taking time out to spend specifically together. 

The Garden Festival was really cool. Singapore does everything so well. I had taken my Mom the weekend before and decided that I had to come back with the kids and Lyndon because it was so incredible. We went to see the terrarium exhibit, which has inspired us to build our own terrarium, the Chairs of the Giants, the Secret Garden (Henry left his mark on that exhibit), Landscape gardens, Fantasy Gardens, and popped in here and there to others.

I had fun spending time with the kids before Lyndon got there. We were waiting for him at the Chairs of the Giants, and Raphael insisted to get out of the stroller and crawl around. I am ready for him to walk so that he is not covered in dirt and his hands an knees are not always black from crawling around out side. He was cute. Cosette to his hands and was dancing with him. It was sweet. Henry was running from chair to chair to chair, which is expected, but still a work out. 

Born in the year of the rabbit. 

Henry decided to grab onto this statue and broke it's arm right off. I was mortified, but what do you do. I took the arm and put it in the folds of the stroller shade and kept on walking. Once we were out of the Secret Garden I found a worker and explained to them what happened. When I held out the arm the girls kind of freaked out because I was handing them an arm. They started laughing and told me it was okay, lah. But for the rest of the festival Henry's mark was on the Secret Garden.

He took the selfie.
The Landscape Gardens were probably my favorite. It was really neat to see how your own back yard can be like a work of art. 

In love with his own reflection. Shall we call him Narcissus?
He can't get over that handsome fellow staring back at him, and I can't either.
Titled "The Artist's Pallet" or something like it, but it was supposed to be like a painter's painting palette. 

Fantasy Gardens, terrible lighting, beautiful things.

The boys were mesmerized by this exhibit. They stayed put a long while.
Upside down, walking on the ceiling. 

Singapore sunset. 
Love him.
Our family experienced a great loss over the weekend, losing a family member that we greatly loved and admired, unexpectedly. It has really humbled me and given me a lot to ponder on. Devastation is the best way to describe how we are feeling. I just want to hold onto my children so tight and never let them go. I want to give Lyndon kisses just because I can. I take my life and my little family for granted. I wish everyday could be family date night, but that's not realistic. I love being a wife and a mother. I believe that family is worth more than money or gold. It is just the most important thing that we have in our lives. Family is forever. I want my children to remember all the times we go out and have fond memories of being together. I give thanks to God every night for the blessing I have to have my family. I love all exploring and traveling we do, mostly because I am with my favorite people in the world. Granted it is not easy with little ones, but it makes my heart swell with love and joy to see them happy and excited. All the whining on the train, screaming on the escalator, biting, etc makes it worth it to see them happy. Please take an opportunity to hug your kids and kiss your spouse just because you can. They are the greatest treasures of your life. To many more family date nights and family anything. I love you Lyndon, Cosette, Henry, Raphael so. 
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